eth.limo provides an RFC 8484 comptaible public DoH API which can be accessed at this endpoint:

Currently we only support DNSLink TXT records due to client limitations for handling other record types which are dervied from an ENS contenthash.

What is DNSLink?

DNSLink provides an application friendly specification for linking content between services. Please refer to https://dnslink.dev/ for a detailed explanation.

Response formats

The eth.limo DoH resolver supports both JSON and DNS Wireformat responses. Please see below for more information.



The GET verb is reserved for use with JSON replies only. The URL must be constructed with these query strings:

  • name= (Required) - ENS domain name to resolve, i.e. vitalik.eth

  • type=TXT (Required) - At the moment the only supported value for the type= parameter is TXT

  • dns=<base64 encoded DNS message> (Optional) - Send a base64 encoded DNS message instead of relying upon name.

An example query would be:

$ curl 'https://dns.eth.limo/dns-query?name=vitalik.eth&type=TXT'

Which returns the following payload:

  "Status": "0",
  "RD": false,
  "RA": false,
  "AD": false,
  "CD": false,
  "TC": false,
  "Question": [
      "type": 16,
      "name": "vitalik.eth"
  "Answer": [
      "type": 16,
      "name": "vitalik.eth",
      "data": "dnslink=/ipfs/QmQhCuJqSk9fF58wU58oiaJ1qbZwQ1eQ8mVzNWe7tgLNiD/",
      "ttl": 600

The content path is available in .Answer[0].data.

DNS Wireformat


If your application needs support for binary data, please use the POST method along with the Content-Type: application/dns-message header in your request. All data must be binary encoded. Please refer to the documentation of your DoH client for more information on how to properly construct requests.

In this example, we'll use https://github.com/curl/doh as our client.

$ doh -tTXT vitalik.eth https://dns.eth.limo/dns-query
TTL: 600 seconds
TXT: dnslink=/ipfs/QmQhCuJqSk9fF58wU58oiaJ1qbZwQ1eQ8mVzNWe7tgLNiD/

.ART Support

Our DoH API also supports .art domains. For example:

$ curl 'https://dns.eth.limo/dns-query?name=limo.art&type=TXT'


HTTP Response Codes

200 - The request was processed successfully

422 - We don't support the contenthash type or are otherwise unable to process the request.

451 - The content is unavailable due to legal reasons.

5xx - Something catastrophic has happened.

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