What is a dWebsite?

Explore the next generation of internet sites with our guide on dWebsites. Understand how decentralized websites operate using the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS.


A dWebsite, or decentralized website, is a new breed of internet site built on technologies like Ethereum and IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), which decentralize hosting and control. Unlike traditional websites stored on single servers, dWebsites are distributed across numerous nodes, enhancing security, privacy, and resistance to censorship.

🛠 How We Build

The construction of dWebsites involves several key technologies and steps:

  1. ENS (Ethereum Name Service): This is how we assign readable names to complex Ethereum blockchain addresses, making the decentralized web more accessible. For example, 'website.eth' could be an ENS name.

  2. eth.limo: A service that allows regular web browsers to access dWebsites without needing specialized software. Adding '.limo' to an ENS name, like 'website.eth.limo', connects users to the dWebsite via a conventional browser.

  3. IPFS: Instead of relying on a single server, dWebsites are hosted on IPFS, a global, peer-to-peer network of nodes. This ensures data is distributed, making websites more resilient and faster.

  4. Smart Contracts: These are used to create dynamic functionalities within dWebsites, from user interactions to backend processes, all secure and decentralized.

By weaving together these elements, we craft dWebsites that not only push the envelope on what web experiences can be but also champion user empowerment, security, and the open web.

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