Gateway Basics


By default all content is cached for 5 minutes. This means that if you update the contenthash of your ENS domain, it may take up to 5 minutes for those changes to become visible. We are actively working on a refactor of the caching layer which will eventually deprecate this limitation.

HTTPS Certificates

All subdomain certificates, i.e. non * are generated on demand, provided that there is a valid resolver set for the subdomain. Users no longer need to request certificates manually in our Discord server.

Server Side Headers

If you require custom HTTP response headers to support features such as SharedArrayBuffer please contact us in Discord. We are actively collaborating on an ENSIP specification that will allow ENS domain holders to specify server side headers in a TXT record, however this feature is still in heavy development for the time being.

Supported Storage Protocols

Currently, we support IPFS, IPNS, Arweave, ARNS (Arweave Naming Service), and Swarm.

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