.ART Resolution

The eth.limo gateway now supports .art name resolution. This means that users can use the eth.limo gateway service for resolving and retrieving the contenthash records of .art domain names.


  1. You must posses or control the .art domain NFT.

  2. DNS integration must be enabled and configured.

  3. A valid contenthash record must exist for the .art domain.

Please consult the official documentation for any questions.


Setting up your .art domain for LIMO resolution is an easy and straight forward process:

  1. Login to the control panel of the registrar that you used to enable the DNS integration for your .art domain.

  2. Identify the domain or subdomain that you intend to use.

  3. Configure the following A records for your domain(s) or subdomain(s):

Note - a DNS A record can contain multiple IP addresses. Setup and workflow steps may differ between registrars. Please consult the provider's documentation for your specific use case.

  1. Verify that your .art domain is configured correctly and that the record updates have propagated through the DNS network. The steps below should work for any domain, however for the purposes of this documentation we will be using limo.art:

$ dig limo.art +short
  1. The IP addresses returned by the command above should match those of step 3. Once you have confirmed that the record is properly configured you're all done!

  2. Navigate to your domain and watch as your dWebsite content is resolved from your contenthash.

You will need to repeat the steps above for any additional subdomains that you wish to use. All names must have a valid resolver and contenthash record - alternatively you can also use CCIP integrations just like standard .eth domains.

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